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Welcome to my 44 in 90 Transformation Challenge.

I’m Aroha Dean and in 2019 I used this exact solution to burn 44 lbs (20kg) of fat in 90 days.

This solution is real, It’s raw, and it’s life changing.  But before we take a look at how this will help you to transform yourself, I want to share a 2min story about how I came to create the 44 in 90 Transformation Challenge.

During 2015 I was preparing for a body sculpting comp and through that experience discovered my perfect solution for burning fat, sculpting muscle, gaining strength, enhancing fitness, and most importantly attracting unbreakable life-changing self-confidence.

When I did my comp I was a fit, healthy and strong 121 lbs (55kg).  Although I placed 5th out of a very competitive group of girls, I wasn’t satisfied.

I knew it wasn’t so much the sculpting comp that had me feeling unsatisfied, I just had this feeling that I had more to give to the World.

Anyway, life carried on and through laser-like focus and massive action, I maintained my ideal out of comp body.

Then in 2017 I got pregnant again.

Not being one to do things in half’s, my partner and I were blessed with carrying 2 amazing babies in my then very very flat belly.

Although pregnant, I continued to eat clean and just enough for me and my babies.

Then the next thing you know my partner and I decided to sell up and move Countries…. AGAIN.

We had been contemplating making some big career changes and as scary as it was back then, we had already evolved into a mindset that where there may be fear, there will be growth.

So anyway we sold our side of a gym we co-owned and moved from the sunny Gold Coast Australia to the long white cloud of New Zealand.

Moving wasn’t only about career choices, it was also important to us to be able to share the experience of our twins and elder daughter with the family in NZ.

The only challenge we really had was finding accommodation, getting work, organizing our 10-year-old daughter, oh yeah and leaving our sweet paradise the Gold Coast & our amazing friends behind.

Thankfully our parents took us in.  Although we had planned on a temporary stay of 3 to 4 months it turned out to be over a year.

All of a sudden we found ourselves living in an environment very different than what we were used to.

Although no one’s fault but our own, we began to eat less clean and more often.

Combine that with less and less quality training, little to no sleep, the stress of waiting for my partners work contract to be secured, I grew fatter and fatter by the day.

Eventually I topped the scale at 264 lbs (120kg) and this made me feel like a completely different human being.

My previous highest weight was 211 lbs (96 kg), although that was challenging living life at that weight, my new personal record had me discovering new life challenges that I didn’t even know existed.

I experienced unbearable pain in and around my joints from swelling and the excessive load bearing on my joints.

To get up and down off the couch, off the toilet, and off the floor felt like a 1 rep max effort.

Long story short, we had the babies, thank God they are amazing, my partner got his contract, we relocated into our own place, and then we got re-focussed.

On the 1st of Jan 2019 I started the next part of my journey.

My first mini goal was to burn 66 lbs (30kg) of fat in 90 days.  Simultaneously I aimed to launch my first ecommerce store and to run a 10km event.

Fast forward 3 Months and I achieved 44lbs (20kg), started building my ecommerce business, and got healthy enough to start my running training.

Skip forward some more and all of my original mini goals have been achieved.

Today one of my major goals is to be successful in sharing all of the body transformation solutions I have successfully used during my past 10 years.

The 44 in 90 Transformation Challenge is exactly what, why, and how I burned 44 lbs of fat in 90 days.

This solution has worked for me and can work for you too.

I provide you with the full package, in it’s raw and real form, and I am so proud to finally be able to share one of my own real life changing solutions with our community.

Now this solution is not your typical “lose weight real easy, with this quick fix diet, and convenient exercise routine”.

HECK NO!  Life doesn’t work that way.

Quick fixes and the easy road only leads to mediocrity and that is something I 100% disassociate myself, my name, and my brand from.

The fact is this will take you laser like focus, hard work, dedication, persistence, and being able to embrace the ups and the downs as they naturally occur.

The best outcome I can wish for you is that you get to enjoy every single moment.

That you get to find out who you truely are and what you’re truely made of, because within all of us is greatness.

So if you’re finally ready to change your life then let’s do this!

With love,


Aroha xx

“The successful women is the average women, with laser like focus”

- L T B -



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I love to live healthy, happy & free.
I love to cook & eat yummy real food.

I love to work out, train hard & have loads of fun. 

I love competing in fitness sports as a lifestyle athlete.

I love to work online for myself, my family, & our community.

I love to travel and go on crazy adventures with my family.

I love my partner and our 3 lovely children.

And I love our happy beautiful life!!

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